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The Commonwealth Fashion Council CFC is a not-for profit organisation whose remit is to support fashion industries within the Commonwealth. We have three objectives:

  1. to develop local fashion industries (see principle objective);
  2. to bring industries and council members together;
  3. build and encourage lasting relationships between governments and industry.

Today the Commonwealth has no fashion/creative body to support its rapidly developing fashion Industries – we will fill this gap; our intention is that the Commonwealth Fashion Council (CFC) be a force for good within the global fashion world, as the mother association (the Commonwealth) is to the world.

Economically the Commonwealth is entering an age of increasing prosperity with a population of 2.3 billion, half of whom are under 30. Commonwealth GDP stands at US$14.26 trillion, with a middle class second only to China’s. Fashion is a major industry in many Commonwealth countries and it is crucial to facilitate the development of this emerging market in the right way (in line with the Commonwealth Values as outlined in the Commonwealth Charter).

Commonwealth fashion industries are conservatively estimated to be worth over US$150 billion; nurtured correctly they can increase entrepreneurship across the 53 nations that make up the Commonwealth. Most countries within the Commonwealth have no formal support for their fashion sector despite the fact that the industry is a US$ 2.5 trillion industry, responsible for 2.3% of the world’s GDP.

The CFC’s remit is to help cultivate local talent and industry to contribute to national and regional economies; our role is to support and develop the Commonwealth fashion industries and help them find opportunities to reach new markets.

The size of the Commonwealth, with its many emerging economies, offers the opportunity for our council members, partners and sponsors to connect with a young and economically savvy audience. This global reach into new and old markets is what sets us apart from other fashion councils – we are not specific to one global area, the Commonwealth covers Africa, Europe, Pacific, Americas, Caribbean and Asia.

The CFC’s primary role will be to design programmes and develop blueprints for our regional and national representatives to follow locally. Funding and sponsorship will be used to pay for this activity and is being actively sought along with Founding sponsors and partners.

Our corporate responsibility mirrors the core values of the Commonwealth with a focus on anti-corruption, accountability, transparency and development. Fashion industries across the Commonwealth need to be supported by income through sponsorship, the council can act as a credible body to safeguard sponsorship and allocate funds to specific events. Sponsors can be confident that their funds are being monitored and safeguarded; it is critical they have trust in our systems of accountability and ability to avoid corruption.



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Carmen, 17, Student
Pakistan, Mehran Brohi
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Rwanda, John
Bandar Seri Begawan
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